Training at LHCC means attaining lifelong skills that keep you at the prime of your health, fitness and performance capabilities. Our personal trainers in The City Of London provide the foundations with bespoke, progressive exercise programming executed in our exclusive on site gym, where distractions are minimised and potential is maximised. Our systematic, scientific approach produces sustainable improvements in body composition for those seeking vitality, and power & efficiency gains for the performance minded athlete.

Come in for a consultation with one of our skilled Trainers. Our consultation process involves a thorough examination of your training and injury history, lifestyle choices, nutrition status, body composition, and an assessment of the quality of your movement, mobility and stability. We piece the data together to paint a picture of where you are right now so that we can help get you to where you want to be: at your ultimate goal. We listen. We strategise. You apply!

Nutrition Coaching

Good nutrition plays an essential role in improving your general well-being, improving your strength and energy levels, assisting in recovery, increasing fat metabolism, increasing sports performance, and it may help prevent disease. Thus, no paradigm is optimised without proper nourishment. After evaluating your nutritional status, our coaches will provide cutting edge, evidence-based nutrition advice to propel you towards your particular goal, with the extra intention of educating you to make informed nutritional decisions for sustainable positive changes.

Sports Performance

Performing activities to your highest standards certainly brings about a sense of achievement as you challenge your body, break through limits, and set personal bests. But it can also bring about injuries that reverse progress, which can be painful, frustrating and emotionally demotivating. Let us take some of the burden away with our authentic treatment plans, sport-specific corrective exercises and bespoke analysis of your present performance to see how we can enhance it, so that you can once again enjoy what you love doing.

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