I have been training at London Healthcare Clinic for about 8 months now and love it there. The trainers are very well educated and skilled and care about me and my progress. There has been nothing like one on one training for me in my fitness experience and I really know it has made such positive effects in my life. I give London Healthcare Clinic FIVE ***** stars!

Martin Doe, Bloomsbury, London

I just wanted to express my gratitude for you and for your patience over these past 3 years. You’ve been amazing. There were times when I thought I just have to cope with the pain from now on, but it seems completely sorted, and the biggest part of that is thanks to you. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Gido Schimanski

Sarah is a great physio. I have visited a few others in the UK over the last couple of years but she has brought a much more thoughtful, thorough and holistic approach to my back pain. She is also a pleasure to be treated by. I highly recommend her.

Jonathan D

Fantastic care. Sando’s expertize means I can keep playing squash and football as I approach my half century. Friendly environment, always plenty of smiles and laughs. Fantastic receptionists.
Brian B.

This is a centre that I would recommend to anyone considering any of it’s services. It takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. The services are all supportive. I’ve used Personal Training but have benefitted in my training from massage. The team are all friendly and helpful and strive to help you achieve your goals.
Meds R.

I just wanted to say thank you Sando for all the care and attention with which you are treating me. Your attitude and dedication to all of us is life-enhancing indeed.

This is a lovely friendly and highly professional clinic. They get to know you very quickly and the service and attention to detail is lovely. I saw Dr Bob Griffiths, who is excellent. Incredibly wide knowledge, and very thorough – he is even quite amiable despite the fact that he often sticks needles into me! Have also seen Nick from time to time who is equally great. Highly recommended!

Paul Dawson

Dr Bob and the team at London Healthcare Clinic are great. The clinic is welcoming and the treatment is top quality. I would recommend them for any situation, whether recovering from injury or for regular maintenance work. Their support over the past few years has helped me improve my physical condition and achieve my sporting goals. Thanks!
Jeremy Ryan

Thank you so very much for the best care I could have wished for! For your kindness, understanding and your knowledge of my condition to the highest standard and most of all, for looking after me so very well during the time I was in pain. You have helped me to get back to my normal physical self despite doubting myself at times and for all of the above, I am truly grateful to all of you. You are amazing!

Susy Clements

I’ve been coming to see Bob on and off for 5 years and he’s always been brilliant. So helpful and practical especially in terms of how to build to managing my pain on my own rather than relying on just sessions with him once a flair up is under control. I would highly recommend him and The London Heahthcare Clinic. 

Maddy Neil

I’ve been working with Dr Sando Ayad on my neck problems and I would highly recommend him. He is very caring, genuinely interested in his clients and I have experienced great progress on my chiroprator issues. Ellen on the front desk is always welcoming and helpful.

Sue Hillman

I have been looked after for the last 4+ years. Any problem that has arisen during this period has been dealt with efficiently. I don’t always have the words to explain exactly what is going on, however Sando has a way of working it out and getting to the root of it! Ongoing complaints have been eased over the years to the point where I no longer need to medicate daily to manage the pain. I have tried ‘others’ but come back to Sando. I feel his attention to detail is second to none and his professionalism is outstanding. I truly do not know where I and my family would be without him.

Liana Massiah

The staff I have met at London Healthcare Clinic have been absolutely brilliant. Ellen at reception is always very welcoming, polite and friendly, plus her all-round communication — in person, on the phone and via email — is excellent. She makes the process of booking appointments extremely simple, she suggests ideas to enable me to book around my unpredictable timetable at times when I haven’t seen a way around it and she is always very prompt and efficient with admin duties.

I came to the clinic for physiotherapy which has been conducted by Sarah Summers. Sarah is also very polite and friendly. Her treatment is amazing! The combination of holistic and traditional methods has not only restored my health but has improved it. The results of her treatment speak for themselves; I have full confidence using the area which was previously injured and I have since been able to increase the workload within the area with no pain, worry or hesitancy.

Having interacted with these members of staff it is so easy to see why the clinic has such positive reviews.

Thank you Ellen, Sarah and London Healthcare Clinic!”


First thought: why isn’t my GP this thorough.

Second thought: what a lovely human being.
It is rare to find someone who is both interested and interesting— you could tell from the logic of her explanations that she has a great deal of experience, much of which I will now benefit from, and— she cares.
Thank you, Dr Beleva