Sound Healing

Sound Healing at London Healthcare Clinic

Sound Healing (or Sound Bath) is an immersive non touch ‘massage technique’ using sound as a medium to invite therapeutic or restorative effect. It’s a powerful experience for your whole body and mind.

It can help alleviate deep emotional pain and discomfort and is effective for a range of short term, long terms wellness concerns. This enables the body to make the shift necessary for healing and emotional release to take place on all levels.


Each Session is unique and is a highly individualized combination of energy work, intuitive insight and sound healing that will include Therapeutic tibetan bowls, Alchemy crystal bowls made of 99% pure quartz that offer when played energic transformation that will raise your vibrations and your energy filed. They carry the healing energy of the quartz and all the specificity of infused elements.

Violin, voice, Tuning forks, chimes and other tones can also be added to your session customising to your current challenges or desires; an invitation to yourself to relax recharged and help the healing process.

The healing takes place during the combination of sound and silence are deep in the aura the chakras and the soul as well as within the body. Each session becomes a safe place of healing vibration a real sound bath for you to unfold lay downs your stress and recharge at your own space and time.

Sound Healers


Catherine Nguyen

Massage Therapist and Sound Healer