Ludovica Perinelli


Ludovica Perinelli – Sports Therapist

Bsc (sports and science), Sports therapy and rehabilitation (level 5)

Clinic Hours include:

By Appointment Only

I have always been interested in developing a deeper understanding of how the human body works.

The more one understands its complex system and function, the more one can help people: which I discovered to be my main ambition. Whether it was to aid recovery from an injury and the subsequent rehabilitation, or simply ameliorate minor discomforts occasioned by mundane causes such as work or posture, I wanted to be able to assist as many people as I could and to improve their quality of life. Led by this desire, after a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Science, I decided to enter a career in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation to help people gaining awareness of their body.

Services: myofascial release, soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, muscles energy techniques (pnf, pir, ri), joint mobilisation, medical acupuncture and cupping, sport massage, muscle testing, movement and postural analysis, clinical assessment and rehabilitation exercises.