Mike Harwood


Mike Harwood, Sports Massage Therapist

Mike Harwood, Sports Massage Therapist VTCT (ITEC) Dip. Holistic & Sports Massage Therapy
Clinic Hours include:

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Mike is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, Rehabilitation/Sports Performance Coach and a nationally-ranked competitive athlete.

He offers an exhaustively integrated approach to massage therapy, combining an embodied and practical understanding of athletes, their training and underlying factors which impact on tissues, postures/movements and ultimately health and performance. This knowledge and integrated practical experience make client assessment, analysis, treatment and after care both thorough and bespoke.

Mike is also qualified in Holistic/Swedish technique. This flowing, classical technique uses gentler strokes and is more suitable for relaxation. So, whether you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, look after your tissues to support your training or simply carve out some time in your day for some tranquil ‘you-time’. Mike is ready to apply his skills to your individual needs.

Qualifications VTCT (ITEC) Dip. Holistic & Sports Massage Therapy National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM)

CPT NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, CES, PES

REPs Lv 4 (Lower Back Specialist)