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Measure – Understand – Act – Optimise

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You are only ever as good as your ability to recover.

The basis of science is the ability to measure and so to understand and in terms of our health it informs decision making and influences positive pchange.

It is becoming essential for us to be more proactive in seeking ways to inform and influence our behaviour to optimise our health and wellness in this time pressured and stressful age we live in.

Personalised scientific data has long been the key driver for management of elite athletes to optimise their performance and recovery and to limit the damage to their systems. Research has proven that we are a society of lifestyle and corporate athletes, experiencing very similar physiological stressors to elite athletes however, without the personalised data and support that the professionals have.

I have over 16 years experience working in the field of physiological performance and recovery assessment and data analytics leveraged through clinically validated gold standard scientific assessment technology. Over this period I have learned to deliver meaning insights to help clients better understand the outcomes of behaviours and the physiological drivers behind optimal personal performance and recovery.

My non invasive but gold standard metabolism and stress-recovery assessments provide highly personalised data, reports and support, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in a clients physiological performance and recovery profile. Clients are armed with personally quantified behaviour drivers to optimise their status and outcomes.

Re-measurement at appropriate stages is key to assessing levels of improvement and to refocus efforts in new directions based on personalised data.

Guesswork is eliminated in favour of scientifically informed decision making.

Knowledge is power. Harness it.