Online services

We have worked closely with our experienced practitioners to put together a discounted valuable online programme exclusively for existing clients and their families or work colleagues during the lockdown. 

While these cannot replicate the physical experience of seeing our practitioners or trainers one-to-one, they can certainly help with improving your health and address issues you may be experiencing as a result of the lockdown.

The services we have created are as follows:


Alex Navarro

Be FIT and STRONG – View Brochure

A selection of group exercise classes aimed to get you stronger and help maintain and improve your fitness.



Sarah Summers

Be ACTIVATED and CALM – View Brochure

A one-to-one session with our highly experienced physiotherapist to help remove tension and restore balance in your body.



Dr Nathan Curran

EAT WELL and get HEALTHY – View Brochure

A one-to one session with Dr Curran in how to improve your nutritional intake during these challenging times to boost immunity and wellbeing.



Richard Lindhiem

REST and RECOVER – View Brochure

A one-to-one session to scientifically assess and improve your sleep and day-to-day stress management. Richard has been kind enough to offer a FREE 30 min talk not to be missed.

£180/2hours plus assessment


Simona Dvorackova

RESET and REFOCUS – View Brochure

Saving the best till last, a group or one-to-one session with our beautiful Simona who has offered to do a breathing class to help unwind and relax. This class has been very popular in the past 4 months.

£20 per class, special deals on request for larger groups